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Jura WE8

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Jura WE8: For lovers of specialty coffee

The WE8 is the perfect is the addition to any office with its wide range of specialty coffees and user friendly controls. Thanks to the simple full colour display, and one touch technology it has never been easier to offer staff and guests high quality specialty coffee in just seconds without ever leaving the comfort of your office.

The WE8 is packed with the latest in Jura technology: P.E.P- Pulse Extraction Process, Aroma G3 grinder and the intelligent water system. Jura's patented P.E.P brewing process is an extraction method developed by Jura that produces the richest and creamiest espressos of any super-automatic machine on the market. The quality and flavour of these coffees is enhanced by the single lightning fast Aroma G3 grinder. In addition to the G3 grinder, the WE8 incorporates Jura's famous grinder by-pass function that enables users to by-pass their grinder using any pre-ground coffee on a cup-by-cup basis (great for decaf lovers!).

The WE8 is fully programmable, but still offers unmatched flexibility to satisfy any coffee connoisseur. At the touch of a button users can prepare: lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites, espressos, americanos, hot water for tea and more using the programmed settings or customize their cup by adjusting the volume, and strength to their preference on the fly!.

Not only does the WE8 make good coffee, it looks good too. The use of chrome panels combined with matte and gloss black features create a bold yet elegant design that is sure to stand out in any environment.

Why is Jura the right fit for your office? its simple:
  • Sustainability: Jura only uses fresh whole beans to prepare every shot, producing no excess waste commonly found in pod based systems. The used coffee grounds from a Jura are 100% compostable, contributing to a cleaner, and greener future.
  • Freshness: Coffee is similar to most food products -it tastes best when its fresh. To get the best tasting coffee, it is essential to grind your beans immediately before each use.
  • Cost management:
Capsule / Pods
Jura Whole Beans
1 capsule = 5 grams
1 bag of beans = 1000 grams
1000 grams / 5 grams per capsule = 200

1 bag of beans is the equivalent to 200 capsules.
*Cost per serving:
(*using average costs)
1 capsule = .70¢
Average bag of beans (1000 grams) is $20.00.
$20.00 / 200 (shots per bag) = .10¢

The average cost per serving using whole beans is .10

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