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Faema X30 S10 CP10 Milk PS

Faema X30 S10 CP10 Milk PS

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Faema X30 S10 CP10 Milk PS

This incredibly intuitive espresso machine provides the user with up to 24 beverage selections to suit every taste. The Faema X30 guarantees quality coffee-based beverages through its smart boiler technology, milk frothing system, and precise coffee dispensing technology. The 10.4" touchscreen display promotes ease of use by providing videos and sounds to aid the user in selecting a beverage. In addition, this display also offers the ability to customize the drink menu, images, and upload personalized images, videos, and screensavers via USB.


  • Snowmilk: Additional milk frother built into the spout delivers cold frothed milk directly into the user's cup
  • Manual & Automatic Frothing: The X30 provides the user with the option to either froth milk to using the traditional frothing wand, or deliver frothed milk directly into the cup via automatic milk frothing
  • Display: 10.4" customizable touchscreen display
  • Variety: Up to 24 drink selections
  • Customization: Customize the beverage menu and beverage images, and upload personalized images, videos, and screensavers via USB port
  • Dual Grinders: 2 integrated dosage grinder's with titanium coated grinding burrs
  • Perfect Grinding System (PGS): Constantly monitors the extraction process and automatically adjusts the grind when required to consistently deliver the perfect cup of coffee
  • Dual Boilers: Dual boiler system eliminates wait time between brewing coffee and steaming milk. The first boiler is dedicated solely to beverage preparation, and the second boiler is dedicated solely to providing steam and hot water.
  • Smart Boiler Technology: Increased boiler performance and consistency of beverage delivery
  • Motorized Spout: Allows for user to adjust the height of the spout for each beverage
  • Hot Water Wand: Teflon coated hot water wand provides dosed delivery of instant hot water for tea and other beverages
  • Bidirectional Wi-Fi Connectivity: Allows for user to communicate remotely with the FAEMA X30 S10 to quickly and easily upgrade the software, personalize the interface images, as well as adjust beverage recipes

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