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Pastò 120 & 180

Pastò 120 & 180 Gelato Pasteurizers

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Pastò 120 & 180

The Pastò 120 and 180 are the highest capacity models within the Pastò line. The twin refrigerating system of the 180 litre model includes two compressors which are capable of operating together or individually, depending on the quantity of mix to be processed. The agitation speed may be modified depending on the necessity. All Pastò models use indirect thermal treatment by means of a food- safe heat-conducting liquid, which offers users further advantages such as:

- Improved performance of flavourings
- Hydration of stabilizing agents and solid parts
- Solubilisation of sugars
- Melting and uniform suspension of fats in the mixture
- A stable final emulsion

Certified Artisanal Quality

TELME is Recognized by ACOMAG: Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Macchine Arredamenti Altrezzature per Gelato. There are 15 historic Italian brands that belong to ACOMAG, and which are responsible for more than half of world sales of the machinery, fixtures and fittings for gelato shops.

ACOMAG, the National Association of Machinery, Fixtures and Fittings Manufacturers for Gelato, is a not-for-profit organization that aims to represent and protect the interests of the category and of its member companies in their dealings with institutions and public administrations, as well as with financial institutions, political, social and cultural groups, both in Italy and abroad. A top priority for the association is to bring together all of the forces within the Association in a concerted effort to promote, defend and develop gelato- especially that of the hand-made varieties.

Tastiness Guaranteed

The Pastò is constructed with high quality materials and components which function to protect the organoleptic properties of the ingredients, effectively preserving the complex flavours and taste of your final product.
Easy Maintenance

All parts in contact with the product can be completely removed for easy cleaning and daily maintenance to ensure the purest of mixes. The dispensing tap with built-in washing guarantees cleanliness and hygiene of the highest standards after each mix is prepared.

Modernized Innovation

The clever design of the Pastò provides users with endless opportunities for innovation and experimentation. For exmple,
the stainless steel lid may be opened to add ingredients in at any time.
Smart Memory Technology

The Pastò units are equipped with a "smart memory" technology which permits the machine to automatically repeat the pasteurization cycle in the event that the power supply is interrupted.
Pasto Demonstration

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