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Jura Descaling Tablets 3 Pack

Jura Descaling 3-Pack Tablets

Our Price CAD: $32.95



Descaling Tablets for Jura Capresso Espresso Machine

Jura Descaling tablets are compatible for use with any Jura super automatic coffee and espresso machines.

One of the most common problems with all coffee and espresso appliances that dispense hot water is hard-water deposits. These natural minerals can damage boilers and clog the small tubes and pipes of your machine that make steam possible. A key component to tasty espresso, coffee and steamed or frothed milk is the steam that’s produced under pressure.

It’s recommended that you descale your espresso machine regularly with Jura’s descaling tablets in order to keep your machine working properly.

Calcium can build up in the boiler and tubes of your super automatic espresso machine over time. With the help of Jura 2-phase cleaning tablets, water flow blockage will not be a concern.

Keep your Jura machine running at peak performance with the use of our Jura 3-pack tablets.

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