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Jura Cappuccino & Coffee Machine Maintenance Accessories

Keep your favorite coffee appliances clean with our Jura coffee pot cleaner and Jura maintenance accessories. To be sure that your Jura coffee machines continue producing the best-tasting professional-quality coffee drinks, use Jura coffee machine cleaner in the form of liquid cleaner or dissolvable tablets. High-quality Jura filter cartridges are also a worthy investment to extend the life of your coffee machine and enhance the taste and flavor of your coffee by reducing lime scale deposits and other contaminants.

The Jura cappuccino cleaner from our store is good for many uses and can be used for all Jura machines. Check out the Jura Care Kit if you’re looking for a fully-inclusive maintenance package to keep your Jura products operating at a professional level. The care kit includes the Jura espresso machine cleaner that is good for use on any Jura product and also provides you with cleaning tablets, blue filter cartridges, and two milk pipes. Find all of the cleaning and maintenance products you need for your Jura appliances and products right here at our Faema Canada online store. Shop today and enjoy free shipping on many of our items!

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