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Faema Teorema

The Teorema excels in providing consistency, sustainability and ergonomic functionality to baristas. From its programmable auto steam options, to its ease of use, the Teorema is the professional baristas choice.


  • Stay Connected- Sync with USB: The Teorema has a simple USB sync system. Through the use of a USB flash drive operators can program recipes download machine specific data and run software updates.
  • Thermal Flexibility: Faema's patented thermal balancing system allows baristas to accurately adjust the water temperature in each group head with out having to restart or turn off the machine. Why is this important? temperature is a big component of the perfect espresso.

    In order to extract the optimal flavour, aroma and body from your chosen blend it is crucial that the water temperature compliments its characteristics. The Teorema makes this easy for operators and enables them to use multiple roasts and blends simultaneously without sacrificing quality.
  • Patented Smart Boiler: Faema's Patented "Smart Boiler" technology optimizes the boiler's filling cycles to create a perfect thermal balance between water and steam. This enables barista's to maintain high output levels at peak times as the Teorema provides continous steam and hot water. The Smart Boiler also has a unique eco-friendly stand-by function. When the stand-by function is enabled the Teorema automatically lowers its boiler pressure whenever it's not in use. Once the machine cools down it can resume full operating status within 60-90 seconds as the heat loss is minimized with Faema's special boiler insulation. The Result? an eco-friendly solution that reduces operating expenses.
  • Graphic Display: The Teorema comes standard with a backlight LED display. The display is used to change settings, program and monitor the performance of the machine. The simple controls create a more flexible working environment by allowing baristas the ability to make quick adjustments without having to reset or turn off the machine.
    *Note: All Faema machines come programmed in English.
  • Programmable Cup Warmer: Traditional porcelain latte, cappuccino and espresso cups are naturally cool to the touch. In order to ensure that your espresso maintains its temperature from the machine to the cup it is crucial to pre-heat your porcelain! Faema has integrated a 3-stage cup warmer that allows users to set their desired temperatures for each type of cup.
  • Auto-Steam Milk 4 System: The Teorema comes standard with 1 "Auto-Steam" wand. The auto-steam wand automatically heats and aerates milk to the perfect temperature at the touch of a button. The benefits of Faema's "Auto-steam" function are:
      Programmable options:
    1. Steamed Milk: Warm unfrothed milk for latte's and hot chocolates.
    2. A Hint of Foam: Steamed Milk with mild micro foam
    3. Standard Foam: Steamed Milk with average micro foam
    4. A Lot of Foam: Steamed Milk aerated to be 100% micro foam


    The Auto-steam wand removes any inconsistencies between baristas, reduces the amount of milk waste and creates more flexibility for baristas to perform other duties simultaneously which is crucial during peak hours.

  • Modern Italian Design: For the Teorema's design Faema teamed up with one of Italy's most prominent modern day designers, Valerio cometti, Founder of +V12DESIGN. Valerio's design is an instant classic, it has an ultra modern look and feel but remains subtle enough to accent any interior design.
  • Pure Water- Ruveco-Teck Processing: The first step to good espresso is fresh water. However, as water comes into contact with brass, copper and steel components in a machine it can absorb metallic properties. To counter this Faema has an exclusive patent for the use of Ruveco Teck coating.This special treatment is used on all metal components that come into contact with water and drastically reduces the release of metals into the water. The result is pure water with no metallic properties.
  • Training & Installation: With the purchase of any Faema Commercial Espresso Machine you can expect:
  • Free Delivery & Installation
    • Free Same Day Staff Training on operating and maintaining the machine
    • Programming & Set Up
    • Life time support
  • After Sales Service:Faema has been operating for over 60 years in Canada, we have technicians on the road, in house and offer full service on everything we carry. If you require service on commercial equipment, we come to you. Call and book an appointment today!
  • Support: As an importer of specialty equipment we understand the need for proper training. Each season we host a "Coffee Day's" program at our national service and distribution centre. The program is lead by the Head Export Manager of Trucillo coffee, Fausta Colosimo and her certified barista. Fausta fly's to Toronto to help teach and train Canadian baristas and restauranteurs on how to properly make espresso.
    The program starts in the morning with espresso theory, where guests learn about the qualities, characteristics and many variables that contribute to the perfect espresso. In the afternoon the guests are then trained by Fausta and her Barista using real machines. This part of the program trains aspiring baristas and restauranteurs how to: use machines, grinders, different frothing techniques, daily maintenance and more. This program is open to all of our existing and new clients and is free of charge.

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