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Coffee & Espresso Machine Cleaner & Supplies

At Faema Canada, we recommend a frequent cleaning regime for every coffee and espresso machine we sell. Over time, leftover particles in your maker can become rancid and lead to bitter-tasting coffee or espresso. When you take the time for consistent maintenance, your coffee and espresso will taste better. Besides better taste, a regularly cleaned machine is more sanitary, will look better and will run more efficiently, which can extend the life of your machine. Keep your espresso maker in optimal performance mode by using Cafiza cleaner and other cleansers. Browse our selection of coffee machine cleaning supplies to eliminate residual coffee oils and remove tough build-up and lingering residue in your machine and grinder. We offer supplies to clean every part of your coffee maker and micro cleaning cloths that leave a streak-free shine every time. You’ll also find our charcoal water filters that remove 82 percent of chlorine in the water for an even better taste. Shop Faema now to get everything you need to maintain your coffee or espresso maker and get the best taste!

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Urnex Cleancaf Coffee Machine Cleaner Urnex Cleancaf
Our Price CAD: $7.95
Cafiza Coffee Cleaner Cafiza
Our Price CAD: $12.95
Charcoal Water Filter Blue Charcoal Water Filter Blue
Our Price CAD: $15.95
Charcoal Water Filter Charcoal Water Filter
Our Price CAD: $15.95
Urnex Espresso Machine Cleaning Kit Urnex Starter Kit
Our Price CAD: $29.95
Urnex Grindz Coffee Grinder Cleaners Urnex Grindz
Our Price CAD: $34.95
Faema Eco Cleaner Tablets Faema Eco Cleaner Tablets
Our Price CAD: $150.00
Bestmax Filter Head Bestmax Filter Head
Our Price CAD: $165.00
Bestmax Water Filter Medium Bestmax Water Filter Medium
Our Price CAD: $250.00
Bestmax Water Filter XL Bestmax Water Filter XL
Our Price CAD: $405.00