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Jura Milk Frother Cleaner 1000ML

Jura Milk Frother Cleaner

Our Price CAD: $49.00



JURA Espresso Machine Cleaner

We sell the JURA cappuccino cleaning liquid that removes all coffee and milk froth residue from your espresso machine parts, including the milk frother and all connected tubing. If you are wondering how to clean your JURA coffee machine, this espresso machine cleaning solution is all you need to keep your espresso machine free from stains and harmful coffee residues.

Coffee and milk residue can greatly affect the flavor of your coffee and can ruin espresso machine parts if left unattended. It is important to use a quality espresso machine cleaner to preserve the fresh flavor of your coffee and the proper functioning of your espresso machine.

JURA’s espresso machine cleaning solution cuts through tough stains to ensure your espresso tastes great each time you brew a cup.

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