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Ecogel 40-120 & 50-160

Ecogel 40-120 & 50-160 Gelato Batch Freezers

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ECOGEL 40-120 & 50-160 by TELME are state of the art batch freezers with revolutionary gelato technology. These models utilize the patented Dual Stage Refrigeration System, which allows users to operate one or both compressors and reduce energy consumption by 20-40%. These energy savings are achieved under any mix to output ratio making the largest and smallest loads equally efficient. These units allow users to be creative with their gelato as the special dispensing mechanism allows mixes with chunks of fruits, chocolates and other goodies to enhance and customize flavours.

Certified Artisanal Quality

TELME is Recognized by ACOMAG: Associazione Nazionale Costruttori Macchine Arredamenti Altrezzature per Gelato. There are 15 historic Italian brands that belong to ACOMAG, and which are responsible for more than half of world sales of the machinery, fixtures and fittings for gelato shops.

ACOMAG, the National Association of Machinery, Fixtures and Fittings Manufacturers for Gelato, is a not-for-profit organization that aims to represent and protect the interests of the category and of its member companies in their dealings with institutions and public administrations, as well as with financial institutions, political, social and cultural groups, both in Italy and abroad. A top priority for the association is to bring together all of the forces within the Association in a concerted effort to promote, defend and develop gelato- especially that of the hand-made varieties.

Controlled Maintenance

The Working Hour Recorder (WHR) allows users to gage and monitor the need for maintenance and part replacement based on machine usage. This feature grants operators the option to replace only those components requiring renewal, thereby guaranteeing the unit's longevity, performance and reliability.
Enhanced Creativity

The Ecogel's patented dispensing device allows operators to customize and experiment with their creations as it permits them to make gelato with pieces of both fresh and dried fruit, as well as chocolate.
Optimized Efficiency

The Ecogel's patented "DSRS" (Dual Stage Refrigeration System) reduces the nominal power used by 20%. This system may operate on one or both compressors. The DSRS thereby makes the mixing and freezing processes extraordinarily fast, reducing more than 40% of energy required for use. TELME is the only company to offer real solutions for energy saving at an unbeatable quality/price ratio.

ECOGEL 40-120 & 50-160,TELME batch freezers feature:
-Patented Dual Stage Refrigeration System reduces energy consumption from 20-40%
-Ability to use one or both compressors
-Two parallel refrigerating systems (reducing power applied as well as water and energy consumption)
-Multi-language display, specific cycles, storage at end of cycle (assisting the operator), 11 modifiable preset cycles and 3 cycles to be set
-Patented dispensing device for making gelato with pieces of fresh fruit, dried fruit and chocolate
-The Working Hour Recorder (WHR) users can replace components in relation to machine usage, thus guaranteeing longevity, performance and reliability.
Ecogel Demonstration

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