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Throughout the month of December 2018 a FREE online gift card will be issued with the purchase of select JURA Super-Automatic Espresso Machines. Conditions apply.

How does it work?
Simply create an account , add one of the select JURA machines to your cart, and pay for your order! After your order is received, processed and shipped, the gift card will be issued directly to your account.

When we process the order you will receive an email to confirm that your account was issued a gift card. This email will also contain a gift certificate code, this can be ignored as the balance will automatically be issued to your account. You will be able to review the balance of your gift card at any time on the MY ACCOUNT>VIEW GIFT CARD BALANCE page.

All December promo gift cards can only be used online, and are issued after orders are processed and shipped. These December promo gift cards can only be used on future orders, they can not be applied to the initial order. See conditions below for more details.

For full details and a complete list of eligible machines and gift card values please click HERE

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Jura A1 Piano Black Jura A1 Piano Black
Our Price CAD: $1,195.00
Jura Impressa C60 Espresso Machine Jura Impressa C60
Our Price CAD: $1,495.00
Jura D60 Piano Black Jura D60 Piano Black
Our Price CAD: $1,550.00
Jura Ena Micro 90 Automatic Espresso Machines Jura Ena Micro 90
Our Price CAD: $1,850.00
jura-e6-platinum Jura E6 Platinum
Our Price CAD: $1,895.00
Jura-E8-Pianoblack Jura E8 Piano Black
Our Price CAD: $2,495.00
Jura-E8-Chrome-Automatic-Espresso-Machine. Jura E8 Chrome
Package Price: $2,975.00
December Promotion: $2,595.00
Savings: $380.00
Jura-S8-Moonlight-silver Jura S8 Moonlight Silver
Our Price CAD: $2,895.00
Jura-S8-chrome Jura S8 Chrome
Our Price CAD: $2,995.00
Jura J6 Brilliant Espresso Machine Jura J6 Brilliant Silver
Our Price CAD: $3,895.00
Jura-Z6-Aluminium Espresso Machines Jura Z6
Our Price CAD: $4,595.00
Jura Z6 Black Aluminum Jura Z6 Black Aluminum
Our Price CAD: $4,595.00
Jura Impressa GIGA-5 Super Automatic Espresso Machines Jura Impressa GIGA 5
Our Price CAD: $7,695.00