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Jura Glass Milk Container

The Jura Glass milk container is the newest jura accessory. This container is made of glass and holds .6L of milk. It can be used with any Jura machine that has an automatic frother.

Our Price CAD: $59.95
Jura Smart Connect: Control your machine wirelessly

Jura Smart Connect
The smart connect gives you full wireless control over your machine using your phone or tablet.
Simply plug the smart connect in to your current Jura machine, download the Jura app on the app store (android or iOS support), turn on your bluetooth and play!. The Jura mobile app gives you the ability to make your favourite drinks, program and customize your drinks or review your machine statistics.

Machines that support Smart Connect:

  • GIGA 5
  • Z6
  • E8 (piano black and chrome)
  • E6
  • GIGA X8c
  • GIGA X7
  • GIGA W3
  • WE8

Smart connect requires iOS 7.0 (or higher)

Our Price CAD: $99.95
Jura Impressa XS90 OTC

Jura Impressa XS90 OTC
The XS90 OTC is one of Jura's original one touch favorites. This machine can prepare 10 programmable specialty drinks and even comes with a built in cup warmer! Stop spending valuable time and money on capsules or coffee run's and start enjoying the efficiencies and taste of freshly ground beans today!


  • Optional Water Line Connectivity: The XS90 comes with a 5.7L water tank, and the option to purchase a water line kit which will automatically refill the machine as needed!.
  • LED Plain Text Display: The Plain Text display will assist in preparing specialty coffees and maintaining the unit.
  • One Touch Operation: The XS90 can make a full range of specialty coffees: 1 or 2 espressos, 1 or 2 coffees, latte macchiato, cappuccino, milk foam and hot water (for tea).
  • Fine Foam Frother: The fine foam frother makes perfect micro foam, and even works with almond milk.
  • Integrated Cup Warmer: The XS90 has an integrated Cup warmer on the top of the machine. This small feature goes a long way, cold cups = cold coffee!
  • Fully Programmable: Program every drink to your liking or make adjustments on the fly with the simple rotary dial! Use the intuitive visual programming mode or the expert mode to set your strength and volume preferences for all drinks.
  • Variable Strength: Choose between 4 strength settings for your favorite coffee.
  • Height Adjustable Spouts: The XS90 prepares coffee based drinks using its central dual spouts which are adjustable from 6.6 -14.6cm & milk based drinks from its left spout which is fixed at 12cm.
  • Sustainability: All Jura machines use fresh ground beans for every cup creating only compost and savings, no capsules = no waste!.
  • Built in Aroma+ Grinder: Fast, quiet, consistent and stores up to 730g of fresh beans.
  • Grinder By-pass: By pass your Aroma+ Grinder with pre-ground coffee for decaf or other blends!
  • Self Cleaning: No need to remove the brewing unit or fuss with internal mechanisms as all Jura machines are fully self cleaning.
  • Filter or Descale: Jura machines enable users to choose between using claris filters- fresh water in = fresh coffee out, or traditional descaling methods.
  • Sleek Modern Design: Sure to make a statement in any environment.
What's in the box!?:

Other Considerations...

  • Plain-Text LED Display: The XS90's plain text LED display is not as intuitive as the new TFT Colour Displays and takes some getting used to. We prefer the TFT displays in environments that are self serve or have many active users. Some examples of machines with TFT displays: XJ9, GIGA X7, GIGA X8c.
  • Single Grinder: If you have multiple users who prefer decaf, or different blends then you may want to consider a unit with a double grinder set up like the GIGA line.

Our Price CAD: $3,795.00
Jura Impressa XJ9 Jura Impressa XJ9

Our Price CAD: $4,995.00
Jura Giga W3

Jura GIGA W3 Professional
Want a happier, more efficient work force? introducing the Jura GIGA W3 Professional. Thanks to its user friendly operation and superlative performance, you can now offer employees and guests a specialty coffee in just seconds!

  • 31 Customizable drink options.
  • Make 2 cappuccinos, lattes, coffees and more In 1 touch.
  • Built in self adjusting ceramic grinder.
  • Colour TFT Display makes operation simple and intuitive.
  • 5L water tank and 1Kg bean reservoir means less maintenance.
  • Bean bypass for decaf or other blends for variety.
  • Hot water spout for tea.
  • Integrated self cleaning programs.
  • Fully sustainable with no waste.
  • Modern design will stand out in any environment.
  • Made in Switzerland.

Our Price CAD: $7,695.00
Jura Giga X7 Professional Jura Giga X7 Professional

Our Price CAD: $9,795.00
Jura GIGA X8c Professional

Jura GIGA X8c Professional
Introducing the first Jura machine to come with a direct plumbing option: The GIGA X8c Professional. This revolutionary machine is the perfect addition to any office, restaurant or coffee shop. The X8c comes with a new high performance SPEED option, which enables it to make a perfect cup of coffee in record time!

  • No more water tanks: directly plumb into your water supply.
  • 2 built in ceramic grinders.
  • Speed option prepares coffee faster than ever before.
  • Make 2 cappuccinos, lattes, coffees etc. In 1 touch.
  • Customize and program up to 29 specialty coffees.
  • Integrated self cleaning cycles means less maintenance.
  • Separate hot water spout for tea.
  • Modern design is sure to complement any setting.
  • No waste, fully sustainable.
  • Made in Switzerland.

Our Price CAD: $10,695.00