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ground coffee in a yellow bag Trucillo il Mio Caffè MOKA Pre-Ground

Trucillo il Mio Caffe MOKA Pre-Ground- 250gram.

A combination of Arabica and Robusta. This full-bodied coffee delivers chocolate notes and a pleasant nutty aftertaste with an aroma that is intense and distinct. A strong coffee with a strong flavour and a rich crema - perfect for traditional brewing methonds, such as stovetops and percolators. Traditional, strong, and delightful.

Our Price CAD: $4.99
A pink Trucillo coffee bag Trucillo Gusto Bar 1kg.

Trucillo Gusto Bar Espresso Beans - 1Kg/2.2 lbs

A traditional Italian coffee experience: compact, hazel-brown texture and a velvety body in the cup. The aromatic notes of spices, dried fruit and chocolate ensure an unmistakable taste.


Cocoa, dark chocolate, dried fruit, spices, nutmeg.


South America, Africa, Asia

Our Price CAD: $27.99