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French Press Coffee Makers

Simple yet perfect, that’s the promise of a Bodum French press. The French press ushered in the modern day era of coffee making and offered a portable option for making coffee while you’re traveling, out in nature, or even on a boat.

Start with a high-quality, coarsely ground coffee. Then slowly add hot water, stirring as you go. Put the cover on the press, and within minutes you’ll have coffee that is brewed just the way you like it. Each cup can be customized to your liking at that moment.

Our French Press Bodum collection features some of the most popular presses from today’s most notable manufacturer. Choose from a number of sizes to get the right amount of amazing coffee with each press.

Buy a Bodum French Press Online or In Stores

It’s time to taste the difference of handcrafted coffee. If you want to buy French press coffee makers that produce outstanding beverages, Faema Canada is a resource you can trust. For more than 55 years, we’ve brought the best in European coffee to the people of Canada and now customers around the world.

Order online today to receive your French press by mail, or stop by one of our showrooms if you are in the Toronto area. Our experts can show you how the French press is operated and let you taste the way fine coffee has been made for nearly 100 years.

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