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Faema Emblema

Faema Emblema Espresso Machine

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Faema Emblema

The Emblema is one of the most user-friendly commercial espresso machines available today. With its addition of the patented auto-steam function, programmable options and customization, Faema was able to develop the perfect machine to maintain consistency among baristas!



Programmable options:

  • Steamed Milk: Warm milk for lattes and hot chocolates.
  • A Hint of Foam: Steamed Milk with mild micro-foam
  • Standard Foam: Steamed Milk with average micro-foam
  • A Lot of Foam: Steamed Milk aerated to be 100% micro-foam


  • Efficiency: The Emblema improves the effectiveness and overall efficiency of a Barista through their unique ergonomic design. All Emblema's come standard with:
    • Angled Portafilter holders, which reduces stress on the wrist and increases the operator's speed in an average brew cycle.
    • Bright LED's to light up the work area, great in dim or tight working areas.
    • Fully insulated group heads & steam wands, Reduces the likelihood of getting a burn.
  • Graphic Display: The Faema Emblema comes equipped with a bright Graphic Display which allows Baristas to program and customize their settings. User's are also able to customize their home screen message to anything they choose.The Emblema's simple touch controls make it simple for anyone!
  • Smart Boiler: Faema's Patented "Smart Boiler" technology optimizes the boiler's filling cycles to create a perfect thermal balance between water and steam.This enables barista's to maintain high output levels at peak times as the Emblema provides continuous steam and hot water. The Smart Boiler also has a unique eco-friendly stand-by function. When the stand-by function is enabled the Emblema automatically lowers its boiler pressure whenever its not in use, and can resume full operating status within 60-90 seconds. The Result? an eco-friendly solution that reduces operating expenses.
  • Thermal Flexibility: Faema's patented thermal balancing system allows baristas to accurately adjust the water temperature in each group head without having to restart or turn off the machine. Why is this important? The right temperature is crucial for the perfect espresso. In order to extract the optimal flavour, aroma and body from your chosen blend it is crucial that the water temperature compliments its characteristics. The Emblema makes this easy for operators and enables them to use multiple roasts and blends simultaneously without sacrificing quality.
  • Auto-Steam Milk 4 System: The Emblema comes standard with 1 "Auto-Steam" wand. The auto-steam wand automatically heats and aerates milk to the perfect temperature at the touch of a button. The benefits of Faema's "Auto-steam" function are:
  • Consistency: The Auto-steam wand removes any inconsistencies between baristas, reduces the amount of milk waste and creates more flexibility for baristas to perform other duties simultaneously which is crucial during peak hours.
  • Sync to USB & Wifi: The Emblema has a simple USB sync system. Through the use of a USB flash drive operators can download program recipes and machine-specific data and run software updates. The Emblema has an optional WIFI feature. This feature enables users to remotely monitor their data and performance
  • Pure Water: Ruveco-Teck Processing: The first step to good espresso is fresh water. However, as water comes into contact with brass, copper and steel components in a machine it can absorb metallic properties. To counter this Faema has an exclusive patent for the use of Ruveco Teck coating. This special treatment is used on all metal components that come into contact with water and drastically reduces the release of metals into the water. The result is pure water with no metallic properties.
  • Modern Italian Design: Faema was looking for a bold new design for their Emblema line, which leads them to team up with Italy's famous Giugiaro Design firm. What a perfect match! Giugiaro Design is known for its distinct work with many flagship Italian products, such as Lamborghini and Maserati. Giugiaro Design's efforts did not go unnoticed, the Emblema received the most prestigious industrial design award: "Good Design Award". The Emblema is available in White, Matte Black and Stainless Steel. It also comes with Multi-color lighting to suit any decor.

Training & Installation:

With the purchase of any Faema Commercial Espresso Machine you can expect:
  • Free Delivery & Installation
  • Free Same Day Staff Training on operating and maintaining the machine
  • Programming & Set-Up
  • Lifetime support

After Sales Service:

Faema has been operating for over 60 years in Canada, we have technicians on the road, in house and offer full service on everything we carry. If you require service on commercial equipment, we come to you. Call and book an appointment today!

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