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Forni Ceky Rotante: A World First

The innovative Ceky rotating oven is the only one whose cooking floor and dome are entirely made out of refractory bricks; It combines the advantages of a traditional hand crafted oven with the ease of use and efficiency of the rotating deck. Ceky masterfully integrated a digital control panel and remote that puts the digital management of cooking at your fingertips. The Rotante is hand crafted brick by brick in Brescia, Italy, using only the finest materials.

Why purchase a Forni Ceky rotating oven?

Rotation improves exposure to heat, accelerates baking and creates a more consistent/uniform product. Rotating oven's also create more efficiency as they allow the operator to load pizzas from the front, simplifying and speeding up work significantly. In addition to the gas burner the Rotante also includes a separated electric resistance under the cooking surface which enables operators to bake pizza continuously with no down time between baking cycles.

  • Experience: Forni Ceky has been hand-making traditional Neapolitan ovens in Italy since 1935. Experience is knowledge.
  • World First:The Rotante is the first oven to offer digital programmability, remote control access and be hand made of refractory bricks
  • Made to Order:Ceky can hand craft every oven to your specifications! choose your colours, stones, materials and even have your logo or slogan expertly tiled right on the beautiful exterior.
  • Gas Burning:The Rotante is 100% gas burning with an electric resistor located directly below the cooking surface. This convenient combination enables the oven to maintain consistency during peak periods as the heating elements turn on only when the temperature drops significantly. This ensures the oven always performs at the optimum temperature at all times.
  • The Old Favourite:The round exterior is inspired by traditional Neapolitan ovens and makes it versatile as the opening can be positioned in any location.
  • Technology:The intuitive digital display enables operators to simply manage the oven's temperature, speed and rotation direction as well as monitor the temperature of the cooking deck and dome. The touch display is also programmable for different baking needs and cycles and can be updated with new software via USB. The Rotante also comes with a patented remote control that can be fixed to your pizza paddle to have complete control of the oven at your fingertips.
  • Quality Materials:The Rotante comes with a digital touch screen display, solid metal stand, Iron made covering for heat preservation, stainless steel counter and refractory bricks. The superb insulation keeps these ovens cool to the touch and makes for a safer, more comfortable working area.
  • Sizing:The Rotante comes in 2 different models and styles to meet the production needs of any operator.
  • Smart Heat Management:The Ceky Rotante heats up quickly due to its gas and electric power. The unique refractory fire bricks absorb and retain heat longer than concrete, making these ovens more energy efficient by always keeping the right temperature.
  • Refractory Fire Bricks: Forni Ceky uses hand-made 6cm thick refractory fire bricks for all domes and cooking floors, which are made exclusively for pizza ovens. These bricks are superior to concrete as they will not crack thanks to their unique composition and specialized manufacturing process. The bricks are baked in a furnace at 1200°C to ensure perfect heat distribution, insulation and retention. This extends the life of Ceky ovens far beyond any concrete based ovens.
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