jura-ena-micro-9-one-touch-cappuccino Jura Impressa A9
Jura Ena Micro 9 One Touch & Free set of Jura Cappuccino Cups
Our Price: $1,880.00
Sale Price: $1,699.00
Faema Intenso 1kg
Our Price: $18.95
Sale Price: $15.00
Jura Impressa A9
Our Price: $2,450.00
Ascaso Dream Violet
Capresso On The Go
Our Price: $69.95
Sale Price: $49.95
Capresso EC100 & FREE GRINDER
Our Price: $295.95
Sale Price: $219.95
Ascaso Dream Violet
Our Price: $795.00
Buy Coffee Machines from Canada’s Best

We’re a 100% Canadian company, but we’ve been bringing the best of Italian espresso and cappuccino to people across the country for over 50 years. We were the first to offer the Faema brand of coffee equipment in Canada, and it’s still one of today’s best sellers. Other popular brands you can get from Faema.ca include:

  • Ascaso
  • Capresso
  • Jura
  • La Nuova Era
  • Rocket

At Faema.ca, you’ll also find an impressive array of coffee accessories and equipment for creating every type of beverage imaginable. Get any of our coffee supplies online or in stores to start making restaurant quality coffee today.

Come Taste Test Coffee at One of Our Showrooms

Ready to try the best coffee Europe has to offer? Visit us at one of our showrooms to test out any of our premium coffee brands and see the coffee equipment in action. Our helpful staff can provide demonstrations and walk you through the entire selection of coffee shop supplies offered by Faema!